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I think that is just about time to shut this baby down and get ready for this winter. We will be open for one more weekend and that will be it. So, if you want to check out the fall colors, they are just about ready to peak, or you want to go after that World Class Musky during the full moon phase this weekend. You had better get on the horn and reserve it. I will be putting all of my attention on getting things shut down. I have a couple of major projects in the works for this fall. I will be replacing the boat ramp with a new one this fall.

The ice has grabbed it so many times over the years and push it up into the road, that I have had to remove over 10 ft. of it over the years. Not to mention what the ice has done on the angle of the ramp, she is getting quite aggressive. So, it is time to invest some money into it, we will need it for this winter that’s for sure! We still have not heard even a whisper about what they are going to do for this winter, usually that info would be out around the 1st of Nov. and we would have heard at least a rumor, but something doesn’t feel right, I just can’t believe that they would be thinking about a CATCH AND RELEASE SEASON for the winter, would they?

It wouldn’t surprise me after what has been happening for the past 3 seasons, shutdowns, payback of pounds over the quota over the next 4 years, secret deals behind closed doors about our future harvest. The Governor sticking his Big Fat Nose into the Mille Lacs Policing dispute with the Tribes. Threatening that he will send in the State Troopers if they do not abide by the courts ruling. Give me a Freaking Break MAN! How much more are we going to take?

I just can’t go there anymore, it is just all wrong, as I have said for 18 years and I do not see any way out of it. Without an Executive Decision from President Trump to end all of this madness, I think we are in for a long hard fight, no matter how we slice it. It may take another Generation, maybe even another revolution. All that I know is, it is not going to be in my lifetime, it may be in my children or their gran children’s time, but it will happen at some point, that I do know for sure.

Question, are you really free if you are under the direction and control of another government, a foreign government at that!

No, I do not think so, I am proud as hell to be a Free White Man in America, I wouldn’t want to change anything that has happened in my life, I believe that it has made me a better person and great human being in the world and I have and will continue to support this community, until the bitter end, if need be. People often ask me, why didn’t we sell off and get out when everyone else did, your life would have been so different from what it is now. My only answer is, this Is Home to me and mine, I would not want to be anywhere else and we will defend it with every last breath!

This is my Legacy and we will continue to serve the public as the Last Full Service, Mom and Pop Resort on Lake Mille Lacs for generations to come! Once again, that is all I have to say about that! I will be out for a few days this week, trying to catch that Elusive Musky that is waiting for me to pull my 12-inch Cedar “Hookem Holloway” Lure in front of his Face. I can see it now; A hookup is coming Richard!                 

        We will see what happens this week with that, looking to POP MY CHERRY with a Monster!                                                                            

That’s it for now at Rock Central, I will keep in touch.

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