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We have just 2 weeks left to the 2017 hard water season, I am just waiting for mother nature to throw me a curve ball and make me really work hard for the last 2 weeks. Maybe we will skate through before any snow storms rear their ugly heads. I am not so sure that the front access will not buckle on Wednesday when we hit 40 degrees. That could be ugly, in the past it has blown up over 10 ft. in just one big push.

That would leave the bridge standing in the air and a lot of hard work ahead. Pray that does not happen! The bite has slowed down just a bit after a Steller bite for over 6 weeks it was bound to slow down at some point. The shallow water is still putting out some really nice fish, not a lot as it was earlier, but they seem to be fish over 27 inches coming off of Rocky reef and the send reef is also still putting out quality fish. It is that time of year to go shallow, 12 ft. or less. I fish in as little as 7 ft. as the season gets towards the end.

The big fish seem to travel that supper shallow stuff later in the season. I need everyone that has fished out of Rocky reef resort this season and caught fish that you took pictures of, I would like to make a collage of all of the catches this season and I will post it on the web. I have a few but I know that there are many more out there, get them to me please!

The weather looks like it is going to be great this weekend, so get up to the lake and enjoy the last few weeks of the walleye season, it may be catch and release again this year for open water.Take that one fish they are allowing you now, there are plenty of them out there being caught! Donít forget that it is the Daytona 500 kickoff to the 2018 Nascar season, I still do not have a guy to root for since Jeff Gordon left millions of us racecar fans hanging 2 seasons ago. I miss you Jeff!

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