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Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

We are getting closer to getting some ice to set up out on the main lake. The water is finally to the point of freezing, as yesterdayís winds blew in at 30 mph, the shoreline water was pretty jelly like for as far as the eye could see. This morning we had just a skim as far as you could see, but the south wind took care of that. My prediction is that we will be right around were we were last year, a week before Christmas. Thatís works for me, anytime you can get on the ice before Christmas is a good thing these past 5 years!

The jet stream is going to take a dive to the south and a cold and snowy winter will be upon us. Colder than normal temps and heavier snow fall will be this winterís prediction from the Rockman! Donít say I didnít tell you so as we get into tis winters Wrath! The new and improved Ramp is ready to be tested and all of the equipment is ready to go. I have to finish up the remodels on the 5 Deluxe houses that are getting new paint, new wall mount Empire furnaces with wall mount thermostats, new doors, with windows that open, 6 more holes in each house, so they will be 6 bunks with 12 holes and new steel roofs.

The furnaces will definitely be more user friendly for you guys on the top bunks that like to play with the furnaces in the middle of the night and usually shut them off. Hopefully there will be no more of those 2:30 am calls to come out and relight the furnaces. Another addition to the Reef is a 2001 GMC 2500HD with an 8 1/2 ft. Western pro plow and a tommy lift on the back, it will be nice for lifting those #200 Lp tanks into the back of the truck and moving the tons of snow that will be out there this year, I would say it was perfect timing for once!

There are some new upgrades to the houses and equipment to Rocky Reef Resort that should make it a lot more enjoyable for you and a whole lot easier for us to do those dirty Jobs out there on the Tundra. That is about it for now at the Reef, we will keep you posted as the ice begins to form.

Have a great Thanksgiving Weekend and donít drink and drive!

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