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The SHUTDOWN is in place and we will see what happens for the rest of the summer, I hope and pray that they will keep their word on the re-opening of the lake on the 28th. That could all be in jeopardy with what has happened over the past weekend. I myself was not a part of the Rally, I have my own reasons that I will not SHARE NOW. My grandfather always told me to never ever show your hand to your adversary, in this case it is our own DNR and I refuse to give them anymore reason to put down their Rath on us then need be and I think that what was done with the rally, it all came out of the tremendous strain that all the businesses, big and small and lake home owners are feeling with this shutdown again.

How would you feel to have your livelihoods taken away for no other reason, then to please another group of people, thus the Tribe. That is Discrimination at its core, so with so much coming down the pipe in the next 3 weeks and with the winter season still up in the air, letís all just take a deep breath and smell the roses for a few weeks until we see what the DNR does next. I feel bad about what the Rally did to the Fisher Family on their day in the sun whether you like the Gov. or not, the Fisher Family deserved their day with him and his geusts and that did not happen the way it should have, for that I am sincerely sorry.

We are just going to keep on keepin on down here on the south end all by ourselves and we will continue to be here for those of you that still love this body of water and everything it has to offer, I can guarantee that for sure. I do have cabins available this weekend if you need one, the weather is going to be great, so come up and just enjoy what the big pond can offer you.

We leave it in your hands from here!

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